A Great Reason to Post Your Classified Ad On This Site

A Great Reason to Post Your Classified Ad On This Site

Postby KeyPlayer » Fri Feb 14, 2014 2:14 am

The webmaster (me) of TexasMusiciansForum.com is constantly working to make the website user-friendly for all. We welcome your input and suggestions and take them seriously.

We also continually try to attract new visitors to the site because this gives your classified ad more visibility.

But here's the best reason of all : We continually work to put your ad in the search results of all major search engines. As the site grows, these search results will happen faster and your ad will be near the top of many search results if you follow our guidelines listed here :
Getting The Most From Your Classified Ad Post

A good example : even though this website is just over 4 months old, a search in Google for "dfw blues based rock band" (without the quotes, as most people would search for it) will show the following post on the first page of the results (as of this writing, it is the 6th search result in Google) :
Blues Based rock band. As this website matures, this will happen faster and the ads will be shown in the first page of search results for many searches.

Bing currently shows that ad first for the same search.

Another Google example : A search today for "christian doom metal dfw" (again, without the quotes) lists the category Texas Bands third in the results and shows a snippet of this ad : christian doom metal.

The same search on Bing lists the ad first.

The bottom line is this : with a well-crafted post, your classified ad could be seen by people who have never even heard of this website but are searching for exactly what you're offering.

Have questions or need help creating a post that will show up well in the search engines? PM me or use the Contact button at the top of the page.

This post updated February 14 to reflect newer, and better, visibility in Google and Bing.

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