Seeking Partners/Collaborators for New Kind of Record Label

Seeking Partners/Collaborators for New Kind of Record Label

Postby DSage » Mon Feb 03, 2014 4:24 pm

Seeking Partners/Collaborators for a New Kind of Record Label. (Austin, TX)
This Record Label / Production Company will be based on the New "360 Record Deal and Motown/Hit Factory" Model.

This means, that most of the Artists responsibilities will be handled "In-House" by the Label.
(It also means that the label will share in all Artist Income Revenues.)

We will create a recording band that utilizes the most Modern Technology to create a New Sound and approach to Recording and Live Shows rarely seen or heard before.

I am looking for Talented and Business minded and Musicians to share in all aspects of running this Company. Send me what you've been doing and maybe we'll find we have a shared Musical Vision.

More Info can be found here...

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Re: Seeking Partners/Collaborators for New Kind of Record La

Postby bodisattva » Sun May 25, 2014 8:10 pm

Hey - if you're looking for quality studio players, I'd like to chat.
Lots of tunes; I suggest checking out the "Polar Bear" CD first - under the audio pages.
I'm experienced/BMI/AFM/local references and no BS.
Guitars/vocals (excellent harmonies)/harps/keys/bass/percussion.
All tunes on site with the two or three noted exceptions were written, performed and recorded by me.
I'm an older player - know the ropes - easy going. Very tasteful/imaginative/play for the song.
Contact me through my web site if interested.
P.S. It's always been a fantasy of mine (and every other red-blooded musician!) to be a funk brother. (LOL)

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