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We LOVE Smileys!! A fun way to add personality or emotion to your posts.

When you are posting a new message, a selection of smiley's are available to the right of the post editor, but there's more! Under this group of smileys there's a link to View more smilies - click the link to see all of the smilies and the associated smiley code.

If you are replying to a post, you may be in "Quick Reply" mode, which does not show you the smilies. Just click on Advanced Editor under the post editor to get the Smilies and lots of other options.

TO INSERT A SMILEY - Just make sure the cursor is in the right place in your post, then click the smiley. You will see the smiley code inserted, but when you click Preview or Submit you will see the smiley.

If you REALLY love smileys like we do, the smiley code can come in handy. Just memorize the code of your favorite smilies and you won't have to find and click anything - just type the code! Easy!

We're always adding new smileys - here's some recent additions we really like :

:theband3: :partydance: :dirtbike: :oldtimer: :coffeepaper: :horsepoo: :yahoo:

And just so you know what the smiley codes look like, here's the codes (in order) for these smilies :

Code: Select all
 :theband3:    :partydance:    :dirtbike:    :oldtimer:    :coffeepaper:    :horsepoo:    :yahoo:

I try to add smileys often, then I must organize them (one by one - ugh). It usually takes me a while to get things organized, so the new ones are often at the bottom of the list.


:compute: :wave:
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