Remove an Unwanted Reply to Your Advertisement

Remove an Unwanted Reply to Your Advertisement

Postby KeyPlayer » Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:53 am

When you post a Musicians Classified Ad, or an announcement in Texas Bands or Live Music Events forums, we consider that topic as your property, not ours.

If you receive a reply in one of those categories that you feel detracts from your message, PM me or use the Contact button in the top menu to let me know and I will remove the post for you. You can also use the "Report Post" button at the top right of the post (it looks like an exclamation point) to report this post to me and any moderators.

Please note that we do not wish to censor this website, and anyone can start their own topic in the appropriate forums. With the above noted exceptions, we will not censor any posts unless they break this site's simple rules. We feel like too many other forums are too heavily moderated. We want this site to be a free speech zone, we just want to give members some control over their advertising efforts here.

Now go post something! :compute:
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