Branding Design services!

Branding Design services!

Postby designer » Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:42 pm

One of the largest problems that associated my previous band with smaller crowds was our branding and or marketing strategy.

We sounded extremely professional... but we didn't look it!

Is your band on a path to the legends of rock, or country?
Let's make sure that you are hooked up with a designer that HAS BEEN IN YOUR SHOES!
Copy the link to my fiverr page and hit my custom deal now before July 16th! This deal will only last until then and may possibly not show up again until next year. IT'S THAT AFFORDABLE.

Seriously guys, this is all coming from a struggling artist myself. I am a former struggling musician. So I know exactly what it's like taking a 50 dollar bar payment and dicing that between 4 members or sometimes even as many as 8 members.

I promise you, with a solid designer in your corner. You are much more likely to succeed.

Contact me today.

(former bass player for Okami Rising)

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