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Postby JCP » Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:12 pm

I've been tossing around thinking for a sort of network of artists that agree to promote other artists in the group. No matter the genre. The best way to build a music community as bands is to build a community OF bands.


Book and promote shows in network. IE, four bands in the network decide to book a show, negotiate a package deal with the venue, and promote the show as a group and through the network and individually. Network members agree to promote a certain number of shows per week via their own personal and band social media accounts.

Network shows to be genre diverse. Meaning, country bands in network, book shows not just with other country bands, but with hard rock, blues, and indie bands that they like. Metal bands books shows with bands who they think their fans will like, etc. this obviously won't work if the genre crossing gets too extreme for some fan bases. But you get the picture.

Draw in bands from other regions so that shows and accommodations for bands on the road with many resources can keep as much of their money as possible without being completely uncomfortable sleeping in vans and such. They take the idea to their town and more bands join the network.

Is anyone interested in this?

Please add more ideas if you are.

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